What Factors Should You Consider When Selecting a Holiday Park?


Whenever you are travelling alone, with your spouse, family or friends, you will need to find suitable accommodation. The good news is that there are a wide range of holiday accommodations. One of the reliable options you can consider when you bring your motorhome, or camping gear is a holiday park. Holiday parks offer a sense of community, allow you to connect with nature, and are more affordable compared to other accommodations.

22 January 2020

Amazing Attributes That Make a Boutique Hotel Ideal for Your Social Activities


Group activities such as corporate team building, a get-together for friends or family and group vacations are quite challenging to plan. With many people (and probably lots of luggage), you need an ideal location where you can do all the group activities you've planned without having to move from one place to another. Often, this is not possible in traditional hotels considering the limited services offered by many of them besides accommodation and food.

13 July 2016

Getting over jetlag faster with smart dining


If you are travelling through different time zones, you may find yourself craving food at unusual hours. Food is an important tool in helping your body get over jetlag quicker if you make some smart decisions about your dining. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind.  Fast for 12-14 hours beforehand Work out the breakfast time in your destination and fast for 12-14 hours before this time. This helps to reset your body's circadian rhythm to feel like this is night time and can help your body adjust to sleeping at this time as it won't be expecting to eat.

29 June 2016

Hotel Behaviour To Remember During Schoolies On The Gold Coast


Schoolies week is a leaving school rite-of-passage when you finally finish high school, and as a teenager who will be staying in a hotel for the first time, you are no doubt incredibly excited about the mischief you will get up to during this event. However, if you do not want to find yourself in deep trouble when you get home, there are a couple of tips you should learn before you leave your home to run amok.

20 June 2016

Accommodation | 4 Women-Friendly Hotel Features To Look For When Travelling


Lone women travellers are common sights in an age where women travel just as much as men do, whether for business or pleasure. Women sometimes have needs that are more specific in comparison to other travellers, so look for these women-friendly hotel accommodation features when you travel. Higher Levels Of Security Most women are concerned about security, so you'll naturally want a hotel that pays close attention to their security.

10 June 2016

What's Your Fruit? Welcome To The Whiskey Bar


A prospective bar owner needs to make a good first impression if a newly-established bar is to "take off" on the path towards profitability. Offering patrons a free cocktail on the first day of business is often considered traditional practice. The free cocktail allows a bar owner to welcome patrons into the new establishment by giving them a taste of what will be on offer from the new bar. Instead of giving free cocktails randomly on the first day of business, why not match each patron's free cocktail with their favorite fruit?

6 June 2016

Caravan Sites | 3 Smart Considerations When Settling On A Caravan Park


When you travel on vacation in your caravan, you have several things to consider, especially if you have your family and pets in tow. With a multitude of caravan sites available across Australia, making a decision can seem daunting. This guide equips you with smart considerations when settling on a caravan park for your needs.   Know The Features Offered At The Caravan Site Many caravan sites offer different features, so you will need to finalise one based on your specific needs.

31 May 2016