Amazing Attributes That Make a Boutique Hotel Ideal for Your Social Activities


Group activities such as corporate team building, a get-together for friends or family and group vacations are quite challenging to plan. With many people (and probably lots of luggage), you need an ideal location where you can do all the group activities you've planned without having to move from one place to another. Often, this is not possible in traditional hotels considering the limited services offered by many of them besides accommodation and food. Thankfully, you can check into a boutique hotel, which emphasises personalised services. If you need a place for some group activities, here is what makes boutique hotels the right choice for you:

Emphasis on Theme and Design

With boutique hotels, there is an emphasis on theme and design. This is because boutique hotels are set up with a specific target market in consideration. Unlike a traditional hotel or accommodation resort, a boutique hotel can specialise in catering for certain professionals such as businesspersons who travel a lot or centre on personal health, luxury and even fitness. With the needs of the target audience in mind, the theme and design are incorporated into things like food, amenities and the type of room service. For example, if you were going for a corporate retreat to spread awareness on healthy living among your workmates, then a boutique hotel with a healthy lifestyle theme would be ideal. You can anticipate services like gyms, strict eating habits and exercising schedules with professionals.

Saves You Time and Money

Many group activities are expensive because of logistics. In most cases, traditional hotels and accommodation lodgings will force you to travel to other places to do the specific group activities that you intend. This makes you pay more for transport and inconveniences you, especially when you must carry luggage. You will also waste a lot of time that you'd have otherwise spent enjoying and focusing on your main activities. By targeting specific audiences, boutique hotels help you save time and money by creating an "all in one" facility that meets your specifics needs.

More Fulfilling Experiences

Even though some boutique hotels may target the same audience, they cannot be precisely similar in terms of the experience you get. For instance, a boutique hotel targeting tech-savvy individuals may be equipped with gaming consoles and DVD players in the rooms for a personalised gaming experience. Another boutique hotel targeting the same audience may go for superior internet connection to emphasise online gaming, browsing and robotic service. Such unique variations guarantee unique experiences within your getaway period. 


13 July 2016

Planning a weekend away

My wife had been having a rocky time of it since our second child was born. She really needed a break from the kids so I organised a luxury weekend away in a hotel while the kids stayed with our parents. That way she was be able to catch up on sleep, having uninterrupted showers and toilet breaks. She also really looked forward to not having to clean up after the kids for a while! Luckily, she enjoyed this weekend so much that we decided to do it more regularly. This blog is all about organising a luxury weekend away in a hotel for your spouse.