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Amazing Attributes That Make a Boutique Hotel Ideal for Your Social Activities

Group activities such as corporate team building, a get-together for friends or family and group vacations are quite challenging to plan. With many people (and probably lots of luggage), you need an ideal location where you can do all the group activities you’ve planned without having to move from one place to another. Often, this is not possible in traditional hotels considering the limited services offered by many of them besides accommodation and food. Thankfully, you can check into a boutique hotel, which emphasises personalised services. If you need a place for some group activities, here is what makes boutique hotels the right choice for you: Emphasis on Theme and Design With boutique hotels, there is an emphasis on theme and design. This is because boutique hotels are set up with a specific target market in consideration. Unlike a traditional hotel or accommodation resort, a boutique hotel can specialise in catering for certain professionals such as businesspersons who travel a lot or centre on personal health, luxury and even fitness. With the needs of the target audience in mind, the theme and design are incorporated into things like food, amenities and the type of room service. For example, if you were going for a corporate retreat to spread awareness on healthy living among your workmates, then a boutique hotel with a healthy lifestyle theme would be ideal. You can anticipate services like gyms, strict eating habits and exercising schedules with professionals. Saves You Time and Money Many group activities are expensive because of logistics. In most cases, traditional hotels and accommodation lodgings will force you to travel to other places to do the specific group activities that you intend. This makes you pay more for transport and inconveniences you, especially when you must carry luggage. You will also waste a lot of time that you’d have otherwise spent enjoying and focusing on your main activities. By targeting specific audiences, boutique hotels help you save time and money by creating an “all in one” facility that meets your specifics needs. More Fulfilling Experiences Even though some boutique hotels may target the same audience, they cannot be precisely similar in terms of the experience you get. For instance, a boutique hotel targeting tech-savvy individuals may be equipped with gaming consoles and DVD players in the rooms for a personalised gaming experience. Another boutique hotel targeting the same audience may go for superior […]

Getting over jetlag faster with smart dining

If you are travelling through different time zones, you may find yourself craving food at unusual hours. Food is an important tool in helping your body get over jetlag quicker if you make some smart decisions about your dining. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind.  Fast for 12-14 hours beforehand Work out the breakfast time in your destination and fast for 12-14 hours before this time. This helps to reset your body’s circadian rhythm to feel like this is night time and can help your body adjust to sleeping at this time as it won’t be expecting to eat.  Have a large breakfast The next morning, once you have arrived at your hotel eat a large and balanced breakfast. This helps to kickstart your body for the day. It’s a good excuse to hit the buffet and have some protein (such as eggs, meat, yoghurt or nuts) as well as some complex carbs such as wholegrain cereals and breads. You may also be feeling a little dehydrated from a long flight so it’s a good idea to load up on fluids such as teas, water or even coffee. While coffee can be a little dehydrating, it still gives you a net boost of fluid and can be a way to give yourself another little energy boost.  Bring snacks or a light lunch You may not be feeling that eager to eat in the middle of the day, particularly if this is usually your nighttime. If this is the case, it can be a good idea to bring a small snack such as nuts with you as you head out for business or sightseeing. If you don’t eat in the middle of the day, particularly if you are being active, it’s easy to get tired simply by a lack of food. Juices and smoothies can also be easy to eat on the go and give you a delicious healthy hit of fruit and vegetables.  Fill up before you sleep It’s common to feel tired on the first day in the new time zone. Don’t skip dinner this night as you may wake up hungry in the middle of the night if you haven’t eaten enough. Often a thick soup such as minestrone can be a great way to fill up and is easy and comforting to eat.  By eating some delicious food from your hotel’s dining options, you […]

Hotel Behaviour To Remember During Schoolies On The Gold Coast

Schoolies week is a leaving school rite-of-passage when you finally finish high school, and as a teenager who will be staying in a hotel for the first time, you are no doubt incredibly excited about the mischief you will get up to during this event. However, if you do not want to find yourself in deep trouble when you get home, there are a couple of tips you should learn before you leave your home to run amok. Not All Hotel Guests Are Attending Schoolies While Schoolies do attract tens of thousands of students to the Gold Coast, not everyone who is staying in your hotel is part of this celebration. The Gold Coast is a tourist attraction for over 12 million visitors annually, so it is probable that during your stay hotel guests will include both tourists and Schoolies celebrants. Because of this fact, it is respectful to remember the other guests before your over-excited behaviour gets you evicted from the hotel. For example, running down a hotel corridor singing a Justin Bieber tune at 2 am after a great night out is not going to win you any new friends. Likewise, trashing the hotel room and leaving physical damage is going to add a repair bill to the cost of your stay. No-one is saying that you need to quietly and meekly walk around the hotel, but if your mother would not approve of your behaviour, it is probably a good bet you shouldn’t be doing it. Balconies Are Dangerous Teenagers think they are invincible most days, but adding too much excitement and a little alcohol into the mix can result in silly situations that would not normally occur. In 2012, Isabelle Coleman died after falling from a balcony during the schoolies celebrations, and she was the sixth person to fall from a balcony on the Gold Coast that year. It is incredibly important you remember balcony safety while you are enjoying your time with friends. Don’t try to stand on the balcony railing, and don’t try to climb onto the balcony next to yours as a dare or just because it seems fun. While you may think you’re invincible, you really don’t have any flying superpowers. Schoolies is only a few months away, and now you have your hotel booking in place, it is time to concentrate on those final exams to finish the school year on […]

Accommodation | 4 Women-Friendly Hotel Features To Look For When Travelling

Lone women travellers are common sights in an age where women travel just as much as men do, whether for business or pleasure. Women sometimes have needs that are more specific in comparison to other travellers, so look for these women-friendly hotel accommodation features when you travel. Higher Levels Of Security Most women are concerned about security, so you’ll naturally want a hotel that pays close attention to their security. Some hotels can make women feel unsafe without the right security measures, so look into this factor before making an accommodation booking. For instance, some hotels offer CCTV and surveillance footage across their premises like parking lots and garden areas, while others only offer this feature in the hotel lobby. Other good security measures include ample lighting in hotel surroundings and check-in privacy to ensure others don’t overhear room numbers. Front desk staff should be instructed to be subtle when checking women guests in to prevent any unnecessary attention. If you’re a solo woman traveller, then consider hotel accommodation that offers higher levels of security. Well-Positioned Room Locations If you’re booking your hotel room in advance, then a woman-friendly hotel should take the trouble to choose a well-positioned room location for you. For instance, the last thing you want is to be placed in a room at the end of a poorly lit passageway because this could make you feel insecure. Similarly, rooms near elevators and public access pathways should ideally be avoided to ensure women’s safety as much as possible. Many women-friendly hotels are now offering features like women-only floors that have become highly popular with solo women guests. Secure Room Doors Room doors should also ideally be equipped with features like chain locks, peepholes and emergency alarms to make women feel more comfortable when they choose hotel accommodation. If these features for room doors aren’t readily provided on the hotel’s website, be sure to ask whether they have these desired amenities or not before booking your accommodation. Women-Friendly In-Room Conveniences As a woman traveller, you probably want certain items that appeal to your personal taste buds in your hotel room. For instance, a hairdryer and hair iron may be appealing propositions when you don’t want to carry them with you or want to deal with needing converters, but still need tidy, straight hair for your business meeting. Sanitary napkins and tampons are also excellent conveniences to find when […]

What’s Your Fruit? Welcome To The Whiskey Bar

A prospective bar owner needs to make a good first impression if a newly-established bar is to “take off” on the path towards profitability. Offering patrons a free cocktail on the first day of business is often considered traditional practice. The free cocktail allows a bar owner to welcome patrons into the new establishment by giving them a taste of what will be on offer from the new bar. Instead of giving free cocktails randomly on the first day of business, why not match each patron’s free cocktail with their favorite fruit? Here are three fruit recipes. The Strawberry Lover’s Cocktail Strawberry will perhaps be the most frequent answer that a waiter/bartender will get from patrons upon asking the question “what’s your fruit?”. Thus, it would be a good idea to include a bag or two of strawberries in the list of fruits to buy for “opening-day cocktails”. Strawberry cocktails are known for their characteristic sweet taste that may not appeal to some whiskey lovers. In order to counter this sweetness, the strawberries will need to be marinated in a bowl of lemonade for a couple of minutes before whiskey is added into the bowl mixture. The bowl mixture is then transferred to a blender and a little water is added into the blender. Strawberries, lemonade and whiskey combine to give a frothy cocktail that is bound to excite the strawberry cum whiskey lover. The Apricot Lover’s Cocktail Apricot would also be another common answer to expect on opening night. Apricots make good whiskey cocktails because of their sweet fragrance and their rich flavour. Get the apricots and get rid of their seeds. Cut each apricot in half and throw each half into a blender before blending the apricots into a pulp. The apricot lover’s cocktail is made by mixing the mentioned pulp with the whiskey in a glass and serving it chilled. Apricot lovers who may want their cocktails a bit sweeter can have agave nectar added into their free drink. For the more adventurous patron, adding some ginger beer and a bit of club soda will give this cocktail a nice twist. The Pineapple Lover’s Cocktail For this cocktail, pineapples are finely peeled and chopped in preparation for their grilling. Pineapples to be grilled are placed in a re-sealable plastic bag before honey, hot pepper sauce, butter and salt are added into the bag. Shaking the bag ensures that […]

Caravan Sites | 3 Smart Considerations When Settling On A Caravan Park

When you travel on vacation in your caravan, you have several things to consider, especially if you have your family and pets in tow. With a multitude of caravan sites available across Australia, making a decision can seem daunting. This guide equips you with smart considerations when settling on a caravan park for your needs.   Know The Features Offered At The Caravan Site Many caravan sites offer different features, so you will need to finalise one based on your specific needs. For instance, if you have children, you’ll want a playground and pool for entertainment. If you have pets, you may want to choose a pet-friendly site with facilities like a small pet park for your furry friends to play. If you don’t have a toilet and bath facility in your caravan, you’ll want to choose a place where shower facilities are available. If you want to be near the water, the river or beachfront caravan sites are ideal. If you’re looking for cooking facilities, then make sure the caravan site has barbecue pits. Keep in mind that the caravan sites with more features are bound to be more expensive than others. Consider Whether You Need A Powered Or Unpowered Site Depending on your situation, you may need to choose between unpowered and powered caravan sites. Some campers prefer the privacy and seclusion offered by unpowered sites, while others want to be powered up before embarking on the rest of their road trip. Powered caravan sites allow you to use more appliances within your camper trailer without worrying about running out of electricity and usually offer a wider range of services than unpowered sites for greater comfort. Powered caravan sites are typically more expensive than unpowered sites because of the extra infrastructure they provide. Find Out About Discounts On The Caravan Site Most caravan sites charge more during peak travel season, but offer appealing discounts during non-peak times. Try to travel during non-peak periods and ask for the best possible deal you can get when booking. If you form a small group of camper trailers travelling together, then you should be able to negotiate for a better deal. You can also become a member of caravan park groups because you will probably be offered better discounts this way.  If you’re looking to choose between different caravan sites for your camper trailer road trip, consider these important factors for finding […]