Hotel Behaviour To Remember During Schoolies On The Gold Coast


Schoolies week is a leaving school rite-of-passage when you finally finish high school, and as a teenager who will be staying in a hotel for the first time, you are no doubt incredibly excited about the mischief you will get up to during this event. However, if you do not want to find yourself in deep trouble when you get home, there are a couple of tips you should learn before you leave your home to run amok.

Not All Hotel Guests Are Attending Schoolies

While Schoolies do attract tens of thousands of students to the Gold Coast, not everyone who is staying in your hotel is part of this celebration. The Gold Coast is a tourist attraction for over 12 million visitors annually, so it is probable that during your stay hotel guests will include both tourists and Schoolies celebrants.

Because of this fact, it is respectful to remember the other guests before your over-excited behaviour gets you evicted from the hotel. For example, running down a hotel corridor singing a Justin Bieber tune at 2 am after a great night out is not going to win you any new friends. Likewise, trashing the hotel room and leaving physical damage is going to add a repair bill to the cost of your stay.

No-one is saying that you need to quietly and meekly walk around the hotel, but if your mother would not approve of your behaviour, it is probably a good bet you shouldn't be doing it.

Balconies Are Dangerous

Teenagers think they are invincible most days, but adding too much excitement and a little alcohol into the mix can result in silly situations that would not normally occur.

In 2012, Isabelle Coleman died after falling from a balcony during the schoolies celebrations, and she was the sixth person to fall from a balcony on the Gold Coast that year. It is incredibly important you remember balcony safety while you are enjoying your time with friends.

Don't try to stand on the balcony railing, and don't try to climb onto the balcony next to yours as a dare or just because it seems fun. While you may think you're invincible, you really don't have any flying superpowers.

Schoolies is only a few months away, and now you have your hotel booking in place, it is time to concentrate on those final exams to finish the school year on a high note. Keeping these hotel behaviour tips in mind will help guarantee you attend an end-of-school celebration you'll be talking favourably about for years to come.


20 June 2016

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