Accommodation | 4 Women-Friendly Hotel Features To Look For When Travelling


Lone women travellers are common sights in an age where women travel just as much as men do, whether for business or pleasure. Women sometimes have needs that are more specific in comparison to other travellers, so look for these women-friendly hotel accommodation features when you travel.

Higher Levels Of Security

Most women are concerned about security, so you'll naturally want a hotel that pays close attention to their security. Some hotels can make women feel unsafe without the right security measures, so look into this factor before making an accommodation booking. For instance, some hotels offer CCTV and surveillance footage across their premises like parking lots and garden areas, while others only offer this feature in the hotel lobby. Other good security measures include ample lighting in hotel surroundings and check-in privacy to ensure others don't overhear room numbers. Front desk staff should be instructed to be subtle when checking women guests in to prevent any unnecessary attention. If you're a solo woman traveller, then consider hotel accommodation that offers higher levels of security.

Well-Positioned Room Locations

If you're booking your hotel room in advance, then a woman-friendly hotel should take the trouble to choose a well-positioned room location for you. For instance, the last thing you want is to be placed in a room at the end of a poorly lit passageway because this could make you feel insecure. Similarly, rooms near elevators and public access pathways should ideally be avoided to ensure women's safety as much as possible. Many women-friendly hotels are now offering features like women-only floors that have become highly popular with solo women guests.

Secure Room Doors

Room doors should also ideally be equipped with features like chain locks, peepholes and emergency alarms to make women feel more comfortable when they choose hotel accommodation. If these features for room doors aren't readily provided on the hotel's website, be sure to ask whether they have these desired amenities or not before booking your accommodation.

Women-Friendly In-Room Conveniences

As a woman traveller, you probably want certain items that appeal to your personal taste buds in your hotel room. For instance, a hairdryer and hair iron may be appealing propositions when you don't want to carry them with you or want to deal with needing converters, but still need tidy, straight hair for your business meeting. Sanitary napkins and tampons are also excellent conveniences to find when you choose women-friendly hotel accommodation, especially when you mistakenly forgot them at home. Other small details that you're sure to appreciate in women-friendly hotels are makeup-magnifying mirrors, women's magazines and sweet-smelling perfumes.

If you're looking for women-friendly hotel accommodation, consider these features before making a booking.


10 June 2016

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