What's Your Fruit? Welcome To The Whiskey Bar


A prospective bar owner needs to make a good first impression if a newly-established bar is to "take off" on the path towards profitability.

Offering patrons a free cocktail on the first day of business is often considered traditional practice. The free cocktail allows a bar owner to welcome patrons into the new establishment by giving them a taste of what will be on offer from the new bar. Instead of giving free cocktails randomly on the first day of business, why not match each patron's free cocktail with their favorite fruit? Here are three fruit recipes.

The Strawberry Lover's Cocktail

Strawberry will perhaps be the most frequent answer that a waiter/bartender will get from patrons upon asking the question "what's your fruit?". Thus, it would be a good idea to include a bag or two of strawberries in the list of fruits to buy for "opening-day cocktails".

Strawberry cocktails are known for their characteristic sweet taste that may not appeal to some whiskey lovers. In order to counter this sweetness, the strawberries will need to be marinated in a bowl of lemonade for a couple of minutes before whiskey is added into the bowl mixture. The bowl mixture is then transferred to a blender and a little water is added into the blender.

Strawberries, lemonade and whiskey combine to give a frothy cocktail that is bound to excite the strawberry cum whiskey lover.

The Apricot Lover's Cocktail

Apricot would also be another common answer to expect on opening night. Apricots make good whiskey cocktails because of their sweet fragrance and their rich flavour.

Get the apricots and get rid of their seeds. Cut each apricot in half and throw each half into a blender before blending the apricots into a pulp.

The apricot lover's cocktail is made by mixing the mentioned pulp with the whiskey in a glass and serving it chilled. Apricot lovers who may want their cocktails a bit sweeter can have agave nectar added into their free drink. For the more adventurous patron, adding some ginger beer and a bit of club soda will give this cocktail a nice twist.

The Pineapple Lover's Cocktail

For this cocktail, pineapples are finely peeled and chopped in preparation for their grilling. Pineapples to be grilled are placed in a re-sealable plastic bag before honey, hot pepper sauce, butter and salt are added into the bag. Shaking the bag ensures that each piece of pineapple is coated with the added ingredients.

The coated pineapples are removed from the bag and placed on a grill. Each pineapple is grilled until grill marks appear on both of its surfaces. Grilled pineapples are then muddled and mixed with the whiskey in a glass. A fresh lemon is squeezed into the mixture to balance out sweetness and sourness in the pineapple lover's cocktail.

What would be your fruit? 


6 June 2016

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